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October 08, 2010

Have You Seen Google Today?


In case you haven't, hop over to and press the red button.  Today would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday, and Google pays tribute.

November 29, 2009

NOT-SO-SERIOUS SUNDAY - Viral Video: The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody

The power of YouTube!  This video has been averaging a million hits a day!  When you combine the power of the Muppets with the music of Queen, you're going to get a hit!

November 22, 2009

NOT SO SERIOUS SUNDAY - Viral Video - Mascot Dance

Spreading like wildfire on the internet... the mascot dance:

November 15, 2009

NOT-SO-SERIOUS SUNDAY - Sesame Street Turns 40

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street! I grew up with Sesame Street. Literally.  The first episode aired 40 years ago this past week, when I was just 3 months old.

Like many children of my generation, I learned my ABCs and how to count to 10 (in English and Spanish) thanks in part to Big Bird, Ernie & Bert, Cookie Monster and (of course) The Count.

I'm even willing to admit that, as an adult, if I was dial-flipping and came upon an episode of Sesame Street, I would stop and watch.  It was always fun to reconnect with the characters, muppet and human, who played such a big role in my early years.

Now that I have a two-year old son, I'm happy to have an excuse to make Sesame Street part of my life again.  Sure, things have changed - we didn't have Elmo or Abby Cadabby in my day.  The actual Sesame Street has received a fresh coat of paint and seems a lot less gritty.  Cookie Monster is eating vegetables and cookies have become a 'sometimes food.'  And, of course, Hooper's Store isn't the same without Mr. Hooper.

What's amazing, though, is how much hasn't changed.  Most of the original residents of Sesame Street, muppet and human, are still the residents of Sesame Street.  And the basic formula hasn't really changed.  The way Sesame Street teaches children today is basically the same as it's always been.

It just goes to show that, even though everything surrounding children has gotten faster, louder and more flashy, when you get it so right the first time, you don't really have to mess with it.

So, Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!  I sincerely hope, decades from now, you're entertaining and educating my grandchildren!

November 08, 2009

NOT SO SERIOUS SUNDAY - VIDEO - 40 Inspirational Speeches In Two Minutes

October 25, 2009

NOT-SO-SERIOUS SUNDAY - Star Wars Pumpkin Carvings

  I'm not the craftiest person in the world.  I've often said that if you put a stamp in my hand, I'd be just as likely to stamp my eye out as I would getting the image on paper.

When it comes to jack-o-lanterns, I'm strictly a "cut triangles for the eyes, nose, etc." kind of guy.

So, stuff like this just impresses the heck out of me.  Here are a few Star Wars jack-o-lanterns from that are simply amazing...

Yoda-pumpkin    Darth-vader-pumpkin  

Chewbacca-pumpkin    Storm-trooper-pumpkin