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June 30, 2008

Kids Home? Struggling To Find Time For Your Business? Read This!

Summer can be tough for stamping business owners! 

With the kids home from school, it becomes exceedingly difficult for many stamping business owners to maintain their regular work schedules. 

As a result, their businesses suffer and everyone is stressed.

Last summer, I asked my wife, Liz, a newly-minted work-at-home mom with 17 years of teaching experience, if she had any ideas for my clients.

"Several," she said.

I asked her to prove it, so she wrote:


Mom Needs To Work! is an e-book containing home-based adaptations of 44 independent activities she would give her students.  At the end of the school year, she would share these ideas with the work-at-home parents (who were NOT looking forward to summer), suggesting they try them to keep the kids occupied AND free up valuable time they could use for their business.

The 44 activities in the e-book are divided by subject and are designed to stimulate your child's creativity and reasoning skills, while providing you with the free time you need to effectively run your business!

For more information, or to order Mom Needs To Work!, visit:


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