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May 04, 2012

Sucked Into Negativity

Negativity-positivityOver the last 24 hours, I've received several e-mails asking my opinion of the miscommunication regarding the Carryover Flyer. 

This has been a big topic of conversation on many chat boards, and one of my clients told me she was surprised at all of the negativity she's seeing out there.

I posted a message about negativity to my clients this morning, and I thought I'd expand on it a bit and share it with all of you:

In any business, there are things you can control, and things you can't control. 

Successful business owners (and by successful, I mean balanced and efficient) recognize the difference between the two and act accordingly.

When you're dealing with something you can control, do what you can to fix the situation.

When you're dealing with something you can't control, figure out how to minimize the problem and move on.  In some cases, you may even be able to turn that negative into a positive.

Whatever you do, though, don't do anything to make it worse!

When situations like the Carryover list thing happens, you have two choices:

      1. Quit
      2. Figure out how to roll with it and get back to work

If that sounds harsh, I apologize, but those really are your choices.

Should you expect a certain level of professionalism and service from the people and companies you deal with?  Absolutely.

And when those people and companies don't meet those expectations, you have every right to complain... but complain to someone who can actually do something about it!  That's productive.  And after you're done doing that, if you're not going to quit, it's time to get back to work.

Letting yourself get sucked into negativity is not and should not be one of your choices. It doesn't do anything to change the situation.  In fact, you just end up compounding the problem because all of that time and energy you're wasting on negativity is just taking more away from your business.  That's DEFINITELY making things worse!

Just keep calm and carry on.  Remember, NOTHING can stop you if you're committed to being unstoppable!


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Great post, John!! I agree with Cindy's post....I don't spend much time on the various "boards" and I didn't realize it was that big a deal either. Stampin' Up! is an amazing company and they do more things RIGHT than wrong I think. My "day" job doesn't send me on all expense paid trips so they are okay in my book!!!

I am just now reading your post and have to say that it is a refreshing perspective on the upcoming changes. I love the "only two choices" statement and agree that is pretty much the way. Not harsh, just realistic.

What really surprises me is how many people saw the list with little ** marks and never bothered to read to the bottom of the list to discover this means "reformulated" or "repackaged", rather than gone before they started complaining. Those demos who complain on the SU FB page really make me wonder. But interestingly enough, I have had very few complaints from my customers...and when I explain the changes to them it seems they are pleased with the info.

Thanks for dealing with reality yet keeping a postive spin on things. So much better than getting dragged down and depressed about things one cannot change.

THANK YOU! I'm not one who usually comments, just one who sits back and fumes at all the negativity, every time there is a change or some error. I am so glad I have been listening to your webinars and following your blog. You always say exactly what I am thinking. Sadly, I can hardly stand to get on some of the chat boards because of all the negativity. Who has time for that? Besides, I'm pretty sure that everyone that works at SU is human, and I'm pretty sure that every one that complained has probably made some kind of mistake in their life time, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the end of the world!
I must agree ~ Keep calm & carry on ~

this was a big topic for my business over the few days (unfortunately, while created added work while i was in orlando). however, you hit the nail on the head: "Figure out how to roll with it and get back to work!"


Thank you John for your comments. As in any business, there are ones who stay positive and get on with the business or those who let the negativity take them down. I like your comments about "quit or roll with it" It only takes 1 person with a negative attitude to pull everyone down. My favourite say is "No one can ruin your day without your permission". So those who are spouting the negativity have obviously let someone ruin their day. There are no errors or mistakes, only opportunities to learn and improve.

Have a great day everyone.

I shake my head at the complaints I hear on some of the groups. Needless to say, several groups I have quit because of this. I hate seeing it on SUD. Frankly, these people do not know how much SU has changed in order to help the demonstrators. I remember when we did not know what was being discontinued until the new catalog was in our hands and we did not have Mini catalogs.

So a mistake was made. They did to put on their big girl's panties and get on with it.

John, I'm a hobby demo who (by accident) recruited a few demos thereby crossing me into the business side of the house... I guess because I have a full-time job, I don't have time to surf Stampin Connection to see all the negativity. Glad to have missed it because I don't have time for that. LoL... you're the BEST! Oh by the way, I'd like to promote you on my blog... do you have a small badge I could use to direct my tiny followers to you?

So true-if you have time to be negative, obviously you have too much time on your hands OR you're not doing what you should be doing! And, by the way, most of the negative chatter I've seen has been because people don't read all the updates.

Wonderful insight, John. I like the 'quit' or 'roll' with it comment as that is just what I did. Change the things you can, accept those you can't.

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