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An Inspiring Letter From A Fellow Stamping Business Owner - Stamping Is My Business!

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April 24, 2012

An Inspiring Letter From A Fellow Stamping Business Owner

I received an e-mail recently from a stamping business owner that I wanted to share with you.  Part of her e-mail actually inspired a line or two in one of my e-mails yesterday.

I'm sharing this because I want you to realize how much the things you do and say in your business impact other stamping business owners... even those not related to you.  That impact can be positive or negative, as you can see below:

Dear John,

I just wanted to write this and say thank you.  I'm a fairly new (company representative) and I have to admit to being pretty discouraged until recently.

Since I joined, it's just seemed like everyone is discounting everything.  They discount product, they discount classes, they give stuff away for free.  As someone coming from the business world, I don't know how anyone makes any money.

And the fact that so many of the most well-known (company representatives) seem to have other businesses on the side made me pretty sure you couldn't really make money doing this.

Then someone told me about you.

John, you are a breath of fresh air!  You're the first person I've found who actually tells us we should value our time and NOT discount our product or expertise.  And you seem to be the only person showing us how to actually do that!

I've had the opportunity over the past couple of weeks to speak with other (company representatives) who work with you, and I'm so impressed by the fact they're all running profitable, balanced businesses without having to give it all away, or work other side businesses at the same time.

You and your clients are inspiring, and have convinced me I CAN run a profitable stamping business that doesn't devalue my time, my skill or my product!  I plan on really making a go of this and sticking around for a long time!

Thank you!


Remember... your words and your actions carry great weight with not only your downline, but ALL of your fellow stamping business owners.  What you say and do goes a long way... one way or the other! 

It's important not to get caught up in the short-term, 'how can I make money today' mentality.  That type of thinking is one of the big reasons so many stamping business owners come and go so quickly.

Instead, focus on the long-term mentality of 'how can I grow a steady, sustainable, profitable business?'  If you do that, you'll be here for a long time, too!

THAT mindset is good for you.  It's good for your downline.  And it's good for the entire industry.

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srumping is a good business.

also good stamping is my business.

Awesome, Tanya! Congratulations!

When I started 5+ years ago I intended to get the kit and get out, because it was a great deal. I started having fun, got back to crafting and have a whole new network of stamping sisters (upline, sideline, downline, clients) that I would have never otherwise met. John I do appreciate your straight-forward, no-nonsense approach. It is possible to be profitable in this business with the right choices.....I had the pleasure of actually writing off SU on my taxes for the first time this year :)

JOYCE... Thank you for sharing that. I'm glad I was able to help you decide to stay. And look at you now! Congratulations!

JAN... Absolutely! You're proof that you don't have to cave in to the peer pressure. Good for you!

RAE... It's a pleasure to work with you!

John, thank you for sharing this. I have to agree with the author of the letter. It really does seem like many craft "business owners" think they must figure out the next best way to give away the farm. Like activity or popularity alone will make them profitable.

Thanks a million for you help.

John, I purchased your "Stamping IS My Business" book years ago along with several of your training CD's and the occasional "boot camp" have always been impressed with the info you present. It makes sense to me and early on I figured out that the ONLY things I should be giving away are catalogues! But even then, only to people with a genuine interest in shopping in "my" store.

Thank you for sharing your expertise over the years. I don't always manage to follow your advice as closely as I should but it does always make sense and makes me think (or re-think!) the way I am doing business. I don't discount my classes as I see many other stamping business owners in the area doing in fact I have learned that if I encounter a customer (or potential one) who question my pricing to smile then respond with an enthusiastic , "yes, $XX.00 for X projects. What a great deal, right? at the retail store you would pay more than that for fewer projects". Those individuals may or may not end up attending my events but it gives me a positive way to make my point and it gives them cause to stop and think about it. Even if they don't attend I count myself better off in the long run than if I was pricing my classes so low that I am subsidizing their attendance.

John, you have certainly been a help to me. I think that I must have listened to one of your first "Conference Calls". At that time I was ready to quit also. Years later, I have a great little business that is a retirement suppliment for me. If a person really wanted to put the time an effort in this as you would a full time job, took your advice, they could have a great full time income running their own business.

Thanks for all I have learned from you.

Joyce Pacer
12 years with SU

Thank YOU, Cynthia! It's a pleasure to work with you!

Hear, hear and good for her and good for you for posting. Things just don't happen overnight and thank you for the boost I needed as well!

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